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Year 12 Organisms and exchange – Exam questions

Year 12 Organisms and exchange – Exam questions

Click here for  exam questions on organisms and exchange of substances with the environment.

Year 12 – February Mock Exams

Year 12 – February Mock Exams

You have your mock exams the first week back from half-term. They will take place:

  • Monday 20th February (period 3 and 4) – Paper 1
  • Monday 27th February (period 1 and 2) – Paper 2

Both papers are 1 hr 30 mins and will cover topics 1 to 4.

Topic 1- Biological molecules

Topic 2 – Cells

Topic 3 – Organisms exchange substances with their environment

Topic 4 РGenetic information,  variation and relationships between organisms.

Click here for the specification, which will provide you with a list of the content you must know for each of the topics listed above.